“love it!”:

I wasn't big on it the first time i had take out...but i did give it another try and i'm SO happy i did. i had a bad experience with the tofu, which wasn't that flavorful to me... but every other meal i've had there is delicious. i absolutely love the kung pao shrimp, dumplings, even chicken and beef dishes and i don't like chicken/beef very much. the restaurant makes you feel like family and it's very clean and a very pleasant atmosphere - not cold like many others. give it a go, i guarantee you'll love it!

“Great Chinese!”:

We order delievery every week. They are prompt, friendly, and bring delicious, authentic chinese. Adapt the food for dietary restrictions when necessary. Restaurant is clean and quiet. We love it

“Fortune House is the best!!!”:

Fortune House is the best Chinese restaurant in Rhode Island. This review comes from an extremely "picky" Chinese food eater. The owners are extremely nice and the food is all cooked to order. I highly recommend it.

Rena G. , North Attleboro, MA: “The BEST ever!”

They (the owners) are like family! Wonderful food, nice & clean, great sevice-- I'd give it 10 stars it I could! Rena G

Marta T. Manville, RI: "Great Atmosphere very professionals”

This restaurants is a great place for business/ families. The music is tranquil the food is exquisity. The plates are arranged with a gracious taste. The restaurant is perfectly clean and so are the restrooms. They accomodate you promptly. I highly remcomend this restaurant. They even remember my name, absolutely ++++!

Robin L. Providence, RI: “The Best!”

A group of friends and I dine here weekly and the staff and owners are the best! More than 3 visits and they greet you by name and ask for your families. Details are never skimped on and the food is the best tasting and freshest I have EVER had. They will cook to order, adjusting the spices to your preference. No details are left out. With the prices and especially the flavors, the Fortune House staff and owners make it the perfect dining experience.

Ashley P.  Manville, RI:

I have to admit I love Chinese takeout and Fortune House does not disappoint. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are good sized.

I love the crab rangoons but wish there were more to an order. Beware that ordering something "spicy" means it will be SUPER hot. I've had to tell them "just a little spicy" when ordering vegetable lo mein and it has been perfect.

Polite and super fast service. They also deliver which is a plus.

Peter K.  Cumberland, RI :

Excellent food and friendly staff. I order takeout frequently from this place.

Cynthia L. Seattle, WA:

Fortune House is a good stop for authentic Chinese in Cumberland.  Just on the outskirts (well about 40 mins) away from Providence it's a suburban treat.  It's a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it.  It's owned by a family and they have 1 other location, and at the time were going to open a 3rd location in MA.  The orange chicken is a solid dish but their noodles are also very tasty.

Paul L. Providence, RI:

Fortune House is by far a gem in the suburbs of RI. The service staff are all friendly and helpful, the menu full with delicious options, and the food absolutely superb. There is no msg used in any of the food, and it is all cooked fresh, something you rarely find with Chinese places any longer. Because the food is fresh and not rehashed boneless garbage chicken you would find at, per se price right, the price is modestly higher than less palatable restaurants. Expect to pay about 10 dollars for your main entrée and about 5 for any appetizers.

Mike R. Washington, RI:

Just rented an apartment in the local area to reduce the commute to Boston during the week.  First night in town, looking for some good take out and I come across this place, and my wife, daughter and I were fans right away.  The people were very nice when I stopped in to pick up the food which made me feel good right away.  Then when back at the apartment, we tasted the food and we really were happy.  Good, fresh and overall outstanding.  I would recommend this to anyone looking in the area...

Rowland m. Lincoln, RI:

If you're looking for a good peking duck, you have come to the right place. It is done the way it should be. We haven't been disappointed yet.